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At Dodgeland Elementary School 5K-5th grade teachers use the Daily 5 framework in their classes for reading/writing. This is a framework that helps best organize time during literacy block to ensure students are engaged in meaningful reading and writing activities. This framework encourages reading independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. It consists of five tasks that are introduced individually. It is modeled and supported by teachers throughout implementation. It is not something that is implemented in a week or two, so classes using this framework will be working hard over the first several weeks of school to fully implement. When each task is introduced, students discuss what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to engage in the task independently, as teachers model the task. There are specific student behaviors associated with each of the tasks, and there is also a focus on continuing to build a strong classroom community. Students then work towards building “stamina” until they successfully achieve independence.

Daily 5 tasks include:

1. Read to self

2. Read to someone

3. Listen to reading

4. Work on writing

5. Word work

Due to higher degree of literacy skills and independence the upper grades do not participate in all 5 tasks.

When students can read and write independently during these times, it allows the teacher the opportunity to work with small groups of students to teach and reinforce essential reading skills. Your child will be taught how to select “Good Fit” or “Just Right” books and we will work to provide a large variety of reading materials for students, from all different genres and print types.

Daily 5 is how we schedule our language block. CAFÉ is what we study during this time. CAFÉ is an acronym for the four major components of reading. They are:

C for Comprehension

A for Accuracy

F for Fluency

E for Expanding Vocabulary

The children will learn reading strategies within each category. These strategies will become tools for the children to use to help themselves become better readers and writers. It is going to be exciting to watch your child's reading and writing skills blossom throughout the year.

Since Dodgeland Elementary teachers first implemented the Daily 5/Cafe for literacy we have seen a tremendous growth in both the reading skills and reading enjoyment from students. The word about this has spread and we have had teachers from other districts observe our classrooms to help them in their journey to implement Daily 5/Cafe in their schools. Our phenomenal teachers and students have a lot to be proud of!

The Daily 5 was designed by educators Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. More information about The Daily 5 can be found here: The Daily 5.


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