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Welcome to Dodgeland!  The Road to a Better Tomorrow starts here!  I'm honored to serve the community, staff and students of Dodgeland Elementary. Together we strive to provide a solid foundation for our students’ educational journey. We make every effort to instill in students a love for learning and school.

Our elementary students have the opportunity to participate in Project Lead the Way (PTLW) modules in engineering, Reading and Writing workshop, and math instruction that focuses on problem solving.  Students and families also can participate in family reading nights, the annual talent show, as well as extra-curricular activities like robotics and dance. The events and curriculum at Dodgeland Elementary help create well-round education at some of their most formative years.

Parents and families often ask how they can help their children at school. One of the best ways is to READ! Read together, read to one another, read books, or magazines, or even online reading sources.  The more practice a child has, the more help it is for school.  Reading skills will help them for every subject and grade until graduation and beyond. I can’t wait to hear about all of the new books and learning students find out through their reading. 

Please feel free to contact the school at any time with any questions or concerns.  We welcome and encourage a strong connection between home and school. By communicating often and working together, our students will achieve great things!


Mrs. Jennifer Huelsman

Dodgeland School District's mission statement

The mission of the Dodgeland School District is to prepare and empower learners to successfully contribute to an evolving world community.

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